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You can create this Marionette from recycled materials.  It is easy!
The head is created from a styrafoam ball attached to a styrafoam cup.
The hands are created from clear straws which are pushed through the
styrafoam cup.  The straws are cut into two separate pieces and attached
with brads.  Brads are also used to decorate the vest and shoes(paper
towel rolls cut to size).  They are also used to attach the straw legs. 
Foam containter are cut and glued to the 
straws to create the hands.  String is pulled through the 2 straws-
overlaid-and attached with a brad.  The overlaid straws form
a handle for the moving strings which manipulate the head and arms. 
Scrap fabrics are used
to dress the Marionette.  

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