Art of the World-Russia

Faux Russian Lacquer Plate

You will enjoy creating and displaying this look alike Russian
Lacquer plate like the one seen above.  The spoon is a genuine
Russian Lacquer Spoon, by the way.

All you will need are some real examples found in books at the
library or find some good Russian Folk Art Sites like the ones
below to give you inspiration.

Materials Needed

Real Examples of Russian Lacquer Plates and Boxes to Inspire You
A Paper Plate
Pencil to first draw the designs
Acrylic Paints-Black and lots of primary colors
Non Toxic Glaze or try mixing a glue with water for an inexpensive
non toxic glaze finish.  You will need to dilute it quite a bit-

Now just paint and glaze.  Display on a small easel.

You can create a faux Russian Spoon by using paper machie
for the scoop of the spoon and a straw or dowel (works better)
for the handle.  Paint and Glaze.

Excellent links to Russian Museums and Folk Art

Take a tour of the museums, Be sure to click Zhostova
See what geniune Lacquer Russian Trays Look Like