Donna wrote. . .I am a Junior Girl Scout leader (girls-age 9) and would be interested in any
ideas you might have for Hawaiian culture art projects. . .

ALOHA Donna, and Mahalo (Thanks) for the opportunity to visit this
fun and rich in tradition 50th state of the U.S.

The Big Island of Hawaii is an island of volcanoes, with 5 major volcanoes on it-Kilauea 
is the world's most active volcano.

You can create a much easier and safer volcano by following the
directions below:

1.  Create a clay volcano from air drying clay (the red kind) or the Crayola Magic Modeling Clay.
2.  Let it dry completely and then pour melted wax into the sides
and let it drip out onto the outside of the volcano.
Note:  This is an adult supervised activity.
3.  Now pour vinegar and baking soda and 2 drop of dish soap and 2 drops
of watercolor (red) paint-the kind that comes in a tube, not the 
cake kind.  Your lava will be spilling over the top of the volcano.

The art of giving and receiving the Lei is an important part of 
Hawaiian culture.  It expresses love, friendship, and says "Welcome
to our World," and is presented to important visitors, at marriages,
funerals, birthday's and lu'aus.

You can create a Lei

Lei's are created by twisting, braiding, wrapping, and stringing
shells, beads, flowers, vines, feathers, and bones together.

Batik is also a fabric associated with the Pacific Islands and the
art project below is very inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing.

Wax Resistant Batik

1.  Cut a large piece of butcher paper about the size of a large
2.  Crumple the paper until it resembles wrinkled fabric.
3.  Using wax crayons create  colorful flowers that you would find in this part of the
world (the orchid is the state flower).
4.  Now paint over the wax flowers with a brightly colored water color.
5.  Use the batik scarf in a lu'aus.

You will want to have poi-a traditional lu'au food created by 
pounded starch made from cooked taro root, or how about the
traditional kalua (pig), or some delicious haupia (cocoanut pudding).

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