An Easy to Assemble, Recylable Cowboy Hat and Links

Instructions for Creating the Cowboy Hat



Cowboy Hat
from Recyled Materials

Materials Needed

Dinner Size Paper Plate
16 oz. Plastic Carton (the kind that holds Salsa, Potatoe Salad etc.) 
Paper Hole Punch
Shoe Strings (wide)
Hatband created from seed beads, or drawn and glued on.
Brown felt or paint.

Turn the rim of the stiff dinner plate up and mold into a cowboy hat-like
rim.  Glue the plastic container on top and cover with brown felt, or paint it.
Punch a hole about 1 l/2  from the rim on both sides. Attach the wide shoestrings.   Create a hatband by gluing beeds or drawing a faux leather, bead, or other western design on to paper and gluing it to the bottom of the crown at the brim of the hat.

You will find two famous American cowboy artists at the following sites:

The Denver Art Museum

Amon Carter Museum

Take a virtual trip throught the old west sponsored by the 
Wichita Chamber of Commerce

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