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Print the soccer flip book below or make your own using index cards

Soccer Flip Book

Materials Needed

Light Cardboard Paper or Index Cards
Colored Pencil


Divide a sheet of paper into 12 equal parts,
or cut index cards in half, creating 12 squares.
In pencil draw a diagonal line through the square.
Imagine that a soccer ball is traveling up the diagonal line slowly.
On your first card draw the soccer ball at the bottom of the card,
next card, illustrate the soccer ball a little higher toward the top,
the next a little higher etc.  On the next 6 cards imagine that the
soccer ball is traveling down the diagonal line,
and reverse the drawing and soccer ball placement.
After all 12 cards are finished, staple the cards, and color, and flip your book to see an amimated soccer ball.

Soccer is a very popular game in Europe, South America, and other parts of the world.  You will find a coloring book that explains Soccer at the link below:

Visit the world cup at

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You can print the soccer flipbook below on card stock paper,cut,staple,
and flip.  For an advanced flipbook, draw a play kicking the ball, 
changing the leg position slightly in each frame to create animation.