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Find Moran's "Yellowstone Falls" at the link below and write your interpretation in the guestbook

"Yellowstone Falls" Thomas Moran:

Thomas Moran and the Hudson River School

The Hudson River School was a very important American landscape style. Thomas Moran was one of the leaders of this group. They were instrumental in getting the Yosemite Valley preserved by convincing Congress that the land would be destroyed in it was not conserved through a Preservation Act. Using the internet find other links and artists that were members of this group (The Hudson River Schoo). Write your contributions on the Guestbook with your name along with your interpretation of the "Yellowstone Falls". One link is enough and a sentence or two about the other members of the group. You need to post the information on the Guestbook to get credit for this exercise.

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English-How to Build a Webpage Paper Project

Include 1 site that you have researched that you would like your fellow group members to look at. Give them the site url and summary of the site on the Guestbook.