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Art Teacher on the Net Bookmarks

Science Project Links

Make a Milk Carton Water Wheel
with the mad scientist Reeko (You will find lots of other neat experiment and the principles behind them on this site).

Make your own lightening with recycled materials.  This outstanding site-Exploritorium-even explains the concept.  Try it in the dark for added fun.

More fun from the Exploritorium.  Create your own sun dial.  What a 
great way to combine art and science and math.  You will find the project and
concepts at

Design a Blimp and learn how scientists discover through creative play or just by “fooling around.”  Another great project and idea from Exploritorium

How about making your own Lava Lite?  Yes, here are the simple directions.
Kids and adults (too!) have lots of fun with this recyled project that, again,
is explained conceptually on this outstanding Exploritorium site at

You will find the importance of teaching children about gardening, organizations that will help you, and more about composting and worms than you probably want to know on this excellent website from Canada Office of Urban Agriculture locted at

Find out how to grow a butterfly garden, and get grants for your class on this important site sponsored by the National Gardening Association.

Growing in Love is a Must have link for teachers.  You will find outstanding links, educational coloring pages that teach science, free stuff to send for, and even find your state tree.  Outstanding!

You will explore animals and plants that are on the endangered species list in entertaining, fun, and educational coloring books and exercises.  A wonderful site from the Environmental Protection Agency.  By the way did you know that a Bald Eagle, our national symbol, has eyesight so good that it can see a fish from more than a mile away?  You will learn that and lots of other things on this site at

Visit a Butterfly Site and ask an expert a question about butterflys.

See the cycle of life of a caterpillar in a free coloring book format at

Need a project idea for a Science Fair?  Try, the New Science Fairs Homepage for lots of ideas

Your students will find a lesson plan and a virtual trip to the Grand Canyon at this Science Site sponsored by UCI

Students will “Surf El Nino” on the internet as they participate in this lesson plan sponsored by UCI

The oceans are explored on this interactive lesson plan sponsored by UCI

The year of the Ocean is the theme of this website with lots and lots of teacher and student materials and educational information.  You can order a free poster and lesson plans.  Very Good.

The plight of the gray whale is explored as students take a virtual trip to Seaworld and other whale sites gathering information and outlining it in this group lesson sponsored by UCI and teachers.

26 Aerodynamic Experiments from NASA

Explore the science of Roller Coasters and build your own virtual ride of your own on the Discovery website.  Perhaps you will be luck and the Scream Cam (Live Coaster Cam) will be up and running.  Be sure to see the video coaster.

If you are still wanted to explore Scream Machines take a visit to the Ontario Science Centre for lots of fun and coaster links at

You will find several  quality lesson plans at this Smithsonian Educational Site

Build a seismograph and learn basic earthquake terminology in this lesson plan from the University of California.

Find out the state of the planet at Discovery sponsored 
Earth Alert.  Find out how you can save a habitat.

Ever hear of PBS or the Science Guy-Well, you will find him here with lots of ideas at

Got a question?  Need an expert?  You will find them here
Pitsco’s Ask An Expert with more than 300 sites and E-mails, for kids and teachers.

Visit the rainforests on this beautifully designed site.  Select the Kid’s Action link at

Math Links

You will find lots of numbers that can be turned into math questions, statistics, and pie charts on the topic of the rainforest.  A good page for clarifying why the rainforest is so important.

The Nature Conservancy link is a good place to find out about interest, debt, and borrowing coupled with social responsibility.

Create your own Roman coins using the real thing at

Read about the history of measuring time and then create your own sun dial

More fun from the Exploritorium.  Create your own sun dial.  What a 
great way to combine art, math, and science.

Use the art of tessellations to teach math.  You will find lesson plans at

Find the geometric shapes in a George Morrison landscape.  Students will
discover other art terms and how to analyze artwork in this lesson plan for teachers from the Minneapolis Institute of Art at
Homeschools can try out a math tutorial for 10 days for free at Math for the Kingdom

You will find an excellent free math game that uses the cash register to teach and a baseball math game at

Animal Links

Do you have questions regarding a classroom or personal pet?  You can ask questions from an expert at

Another beautifully designed site where you can find a name and its meaning for your classroom or personal pet can be found at

Find a home for a homeless pet on the California based website at
The Pet Place
You will also find a list of animal shelters, and learn how to animal preparedness in case of an earthquake (important thing to know for we-Californians)

The International Tiger Preservation Center is a educational and interesting 
site which explains the plight of tigers and what you can do about it.

For a comprehensive fish site try the 
Fish Information Service at


You will find free treasure maps at this site (ones for sell also)

If you find a treasure and are not sure if it is for real, you can explore the precious gems and find their monetary worth at
Gemology & Lapidary Pages

Language Arts

Children will learn the meaning and importance of a noun, verb, adverb, adjective etc. to a story in this crazy story fun exercise for all ages at

You will find promotional games, homepages, and general information about the Scholastic books such as Goosebumps, the Babysitters Club, the Magic School Bus etc.

Putting on a school Play?  You will want to visit the Costume Page at

If you want to critique movies in your classroom and need information about them, you will find it at the Internet Movie Database.  You will get the plot, character names, cast, year, mover quotes etc.

Develop writing skills and promote social awareness and action at the same time.


Create a illustrated timeline of history.  See timelines at