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Crystal,   Cara,   and   Cathlene   (Catie)-My   Favorite   Phoenix   Nieces

I am very lucky because I have 3 of the most wonderful nieces in Phoenix. This is a page dedicated to them. You will find some of my favorite Kid Page links for them and some of their favorite links.

Crystal Links

The World of Coca Cola
Super Snazzy Coke Site. Crystal remember when I visited it in Atlanta a few years ago. It is Great Fun!
Crystal's Homepage
Check This One Out! Meet my cool niece crystal.
The Single Dad Homepage
You will meet my brother-their dad-on this page.
California & French Stuff
Crystal you can keep up with what is going on in California with this one

Cara I think that you will like these

Lego World
Everything you could want to know about Lego World
Crayola World-I know you are not too old-I'm not!
Enjoy the adventure
Aunt Annies Craft Page
A Canadian Aunt that has lots of craft ideas
Art History for Kids
Lots of activites and educational stuff about art history, I'm still working on it though. Who is your favorite artist?

Cathlene-Here are some ones for you. Joey would have loved these when he was little.

The World of Curious George
The World of Disney
You probably already know about this, but we can't forget California's Greatest Dreamer
Award winning lots and lots of Free Shareware Stuff
Your dad will probably like this one too
Free Art Ideas for Kids, Parents and Teachers
I put this one in there for all of you. Don't forget about your aunt's place on the web, I'll be updating.