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Recycled Pull Toy Firetruck

Materials Needed

Small Milk Cartoon
Paints and Brushes
Styrafoam Cup cut in half
Bottle Caps
Yellow Yarn or String


Now you will just need to paint and  assemble your recycled materials
to create the firetruck.  Be sure to use strong holding glue-you don't want
to lose your wheels or string.  This project is not for children
who might swallow the firetruck wheels.  Adult supervised glue gun
assembly works well as a holding agent for this project.

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For a Safe 4th of July Firecracker You Will Need. . .


A Long Red Balloon
Paper Towel Roll Cut in Half
Paints and Brushes
Crepe Paper for Streamers


Blow the balloon enough to fit into the paper towel roll.
Stuff it into the paper towel roll and tie it.
Paint the outside of the paper towel roll in patriotic colors.
Attach Streamers.
When you are ready, burst the balloon with a safety pin, and blow
another and stuff it into the paper towel roll. . .

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