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Workbook #1-The Environment

Workbook #1-You will find art projects, links, and teacher resources
focusing on the ENVIRONMENT in this electronic workbook.

Page One. . .Decorative Bird House
Create a recylable birdhouse from a plastic water bottle.

Page Two. . .How to Draw a Dolphin
Learn how to draw a Dolphin in 4 easy steps.

Page Three. . .Make an Animal Habitat
Combine your research skills with found objects to create this 
educational animal habitat.

Page Four. . .Endangered Species Drawing & Newspaper Article
An easy to use template makes it easy for students to create 
their own class newspaper for Endangered Species.

Page Five. . .Template for Newspaper

Page Six. . .Links to information and coloring book about 
Endangered Species from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Page Seven. . .Learn all about Bottlenose Dolphins, Killer Whales, 
and many other examples of life in the sea.  Wyland (the painter)

Page Eight. . .Meet Ranger Rick of the National Wildlife Federation

Page Nine. . .Find out how your school can save the rainforest at 
the Tropical Rainforest Coalition Homepage.  Excellent School

Page Ten. . .Save Endangered Tigers.  Endangered tigers and what 
children can do about them is located at 5 Tigers Organization.

Page Eleven. . .Want to find out more about Dolphins, Whales, and
Manitees?  You will find it at the Whaleclub.

Page Twelve. . .Visit Seaworld.  Discover the latest conservation
updates on their fun and informative website.

Page Thirteen. . .Find out about global warming, and El Nino on the 
El Nino for Kids Lesson Page and Resource Links.

Page Fourteen. . .Free Water Conservation Posters from the U.S.
Geographical Survey on the Resource for Teachers Page

Page Fifteen. . .An Endangered Species List.  Just a few of the 
animals, sea life, and plants that are on the endangered species list.

Page Sixteen. . .Bird Sketching and Listening Notebook Project.
You will find some great bird appreciation links and hop on to a 
link to hear some actual bird sounds.

Page Seventeen. . .Create a Recyled Envelope.  Use an old Zoo 
magazine to create an environmentally aware envelope to mail to a 
friend.  You will also find a pen-pal link. The link will take you 
to a site sponsored by the National Geographic for Kids Network.

Page Eighteen. . .Whirley Bird.  Make a whirley bird for your class 

Page Nineteen. . .Gardening for Kids.  Develope a classful of 
individual floats inspired by the Tournament of Roses parade.

Page Twenty. . .Garden Classroom.  Create a butterfly project and 
a butterfly garden.  Outstanding link to garden links for your 

Page Twenty-one. . .Growing in Love (Children's Gardening Page)
Outstanding site to free coloring pages, free gardening products.
Educationally sound resource!

Page Twenty-two. . .Leaf compositions.  Create an environmental
sculpture after taking a nature walk.

Page Twenty-three. . .Bird Sculpture.  Create a bird sculpture
and then visit Big Bird.

Page Twenty-four. . .Rock animals.  Create gifts and a tableau
from rocks.  Link to the artist Robert Smithson who uses the 
environment to create artworks.

Page Twenty-five. . .Thomas Moran.  Explore the art of an important
artist who helped to preserve national parks.  Art History Exercises.

Page Twenty-six. . .James John Audubon.  Have you ever wondered
why the Audubon society was named after this environmental artist?
See his art and explore his appreciation of nature.  Art History

Page Twenty-seven. . .Georgia O'Keeffe.  Paint a flower and see
why this American artist will live forever in her art.  Art 
History Exercises.

Page Twenty-eight. . .Teacher Tools.

Page Twenty-nine. . .Suggested Bibliography.