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Christmas Celebrations Around the World
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You will find an exciting Bird House (Recycled) on this page!
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See Educational Art Ideas and Questions submitted by Teachers on this site! Free Materials for Teachers!
Parents Art Idea Site and Network
Parents will find Art Ideas on this New Site. Give your best art advice to a single dad while you are there.
For Teachers, Scout Leaders, Children's Museums, and Organizations-Only
Scout Art Projects and Ideas
You will travel to France for Art Projects and Ideas, Post Questions and Project Ideas.
Art of the World-Visit Hawaii
Find out how to create a volcano, a lei, batik and more. . .
Cross Curriculum Projects-Teacher Exchange-Many Projects
Recent Questions Answered-Lots of Project Ideas, Not Just for Teachers, A Place for Everyone
Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Christian Schools, Homeschools
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Parlez-vous francais? D'idee d'art en francais
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How do you celebrate Holidays at Your House?
Hoidays & Festivals Around the World
Art of the United States
Lots of Projects & Links to Important Museums
L'art du monde-Hawaii (en francais)
Parlez-vous francais-L'art idee en francais!
Art of the World Art Projects-Russia
You find links to Russian Icons, Fairy Tales, and Project Ideas (Make a Russian Lacquer Plate)
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L'Art des Unis Etats
Beaucoup l'art projet idees
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AWARDS received by Art Teacher on the Net
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New! The Art of East and Southeast Africa (Some Western African Works too)
Find out how to make Zulu love beads, Kisii Sculpture, Ashanti Gold Weights and more
More AWARDS received by the Art Teacher on the Net
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Even more AWARDS received by Art Teacher on the Net
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Art History for Kids Site
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Christmas Projects
Lots of Christmas Projects ideas & very good links, from the University of California-San Barbara and others.

Art Teacher on the Net

Art Teacher on the Net is still very new and changing everyday.  My
name is Valerie and I have an M.A. in Art History from San Diego 
State University and a B.A. in Art from the University of California,
San Diego.  I teach Art History at the Universities locally, and
Art Ideas Workshops at the University of California, San Diego,
Extension and other colleges.

The following schools and organizations have 
visited and participated in requesting free 
project sheet ideas from the website,
Art Teacher on the Net.

                       The Roadrunner Academy in Utah
                    Northwood Elementary School in Ohio
                      Spring Creek Elementary in Texas
                     St. Vincent De Paul School in Utah
                 Echo Mountain Elementary School in Arizona
                            Girl Scouts in Texas
                      Sunnyslope School in California
                  Smith Road Elementary School in New York
                   Sts. Peter and Paul School in Colorado
                         Junior Troops in Maryland
                East Iredell Middle School in North Carolina
                         St. Mary's School in Maine
                    Webster City School District in Iowa
                      Holy Trinity School in Minnesota
               Highland Heights Elementary School in Kentucky
              Samuel Staples Elementary School in Connecticutt
                 Venable Village Elementary School in Texas
                   Corpus Christi School in Pennsylvania
                 Brownie/Girl Scouts in Snelville, Georgia
          The Art and Schoolwide Enrichment Program in Conneticutt
                St. Louis Cathedral School in St. Louis, MO
                   Wyandotte Public School District in WS
                   Central High School, Vista, California
                      Mullion School, Cornwall England
                         Australian School District
                         Canandian School District
                          Brownie Troop 409, Ohio
         Southwestern Massachusetts Art Collaborative, Boston Mass.
     Canada's School Net-Community Learning Network generously included
         Art Teacher on the Net in their Curriculum Resources Links
   The Art Teacher on the Net is the Art Expert on the Virtual Reference
                         Desk-Homework Expert Site
                     Lakeview School, Ontario, Cananda
                      James Allen Elementary, Kentucky
                Maude Wilkins Elementary School, New Jersey
                  San Bernadino School District Instructor
                            Folks Homeschool, Utah
                            Skyline Elementary, Missouri
                           Dor-Lyn PreSchool, Jersey
                           Heritage Trail Library System

                           and lots more. . .Thank You!