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Thanks for all the following feedback . . .

Recently, (July 1998) Art Teacher on the Net, received notification that the 
website had been chosen among thousands reviewed to be included in
the award winning book, by M.Glavac, "The Busy Educator's Guide to
the Internet." The text has been put on the Toronto District Board of Education's 
recommended list for teachers/librarians; (largest school district in Canada) it's on the top 50 Internet book list and TVO (Canadian equivalent to PBS) has Glavac 
a certificate of merit, based on the book and his work on integrating the Internet 
and computer technology into the school curriculum. Glavac stated that The Art
Teacher on the Net website "was chosen among the thousands of web sites
reviewed for inclusion into "The Busy Educator's Guide To The World Wide Web" 
for its educational content for busy educators." You will find glowing
feedback and recommendations about the book at
Art Teacher on the Net is very honored to be included in this book.
Art Teacher on the Net sends a very special thank you to Dr. Bill Hood,
faculty member of Mississippi State University, Music Department, and 
PreSTO resource person for the following. . .(July l998)

"Here is one of the best, most interesting sites for ALL teachers I've come
across.  Art teachers and CLASSROOM teachers alike will find dozens and
dozens of practical, usable ideas and resources that fit your students'
and your own abilities and interests.  In fact, teacher aids, scout
workers, early childhood teachers/workers...just about anyone who works
with children can benefit from this site.  You also can get a FREE art
history museum guide sheet.  Check this out, teachers!  Here is one great
answer to "including the arts" in your planning and teaching and making
your presentations exciting, more effective, and INTERESTING!. 

We are indebted to Ms. Valerie Colston for allowing us to share this
information, originally posted on the ArtsEdge Network, with PreSTO."
The Art Teacher on the Net was awarded with The Mining Co-Art for
Kids Featured Site Award.  Along with the award I was honored to
receive the following comments from The Mining Co. developer:
"Your site is great, and I'm looking forward to featuring some 
of the other pages (of your site) in weeks to come.  Thanks for
creating such a great site!"

You can find a link to The Mining Co. below.  It is an outstanding
site that you will not want to miss.
The Philadelphia School District had this to say about the site:
"Many thanks for telling us about your "Art Teacher on the Net,"
website.  We have added a link to it on our page located at
(see link below).  Best wishes for success with the excellent site."
And The Art Teacher Connection stopped by to say . . ."The Art History
for Kids is a great concept and looks good. . .
The ON LINE EDUCATOR recently selected The Art Teacher on the Net
as "Super Site of the Week," and included it on the Hot Sites
for Teachers, Administrators, and Homeschoolers-reaching over
10,000 subscribers.  Thanks so much for the honor-On Line Educator.
On January 9, l998 the TEAMS Distant Learning Site, sponsored in 
part by the Los Angeles County Office of Education, and seen on
ITV wrote. . .You've done a nice job on your art page and I will 
definitely add it to our art page.
CONGRATULATIONS. . .was the news Art Teacher on the Net received on
Jaunuary 2, l998 from EDUCATION WORLD.  It had been awarded the 
BEST of JANUARY EDUCATION WORLD REVIEW. . ."On behalf of all net 
surfing educators, we thank you (ART TEACHER ON THE NET) for your
contribution in making the web valuable to the education community.  
Keep up the good work!  Again Congratulations."

Some Great Links to Art and Other Sources

The Mining Co.
Outstanding Site for Parents and Teachers-A Must See!
Philadelphia School Net
Great Educational Resource Site
Art Teacher on the Net-Homepage
Be sure to look at all the Sites for Project Ideas
On Line Educator
Comprehensive source of lessons plans for all subjects
The Art Teacher Connection
You will find good art resources on this site.

The Art Teacher on the Net is happy to receive and display the 5 Star Award above designed by Sondra Seeger. The following is a list of schools who recently participated in receiving project ideas from the Art Teacher on the Net. This is only a partial list. . .

The Roadrunner Academy in Utah
Northwood Elementary School in Ohio
Spring Creek Elementary in Texas
St. Vincent De Paul School in Utah
Echo Mountain Elementary School in Arizona
Girl Scouts in Texas
Sunnyslope School in California
Smith Road Elementary School in New York
Sts. Peter and Paul School in Colorado
Junior Troops in Maryland
East Iredell Middle School in North Carolina
St. Mary's School in Maine
Webster City School District in Iowa
Holy Trinity School in Minnesota
Highland Heights Elementary School in Kentucky
Samuel Staples Elementary School in Connecticutt
Venable Village Elementary School in Texas
Corpus Christi School in Pennsylvania
Brownie/Girl Scouts in Snelville, Georgia
The Art and Schoolwide Enrichment Program in Conneticutt
St. Louis Cathedral School in St. Louis, MO
Wyandotte Public School District in WS
Central High School, Vista, California
Mullion School, Cornwall England
Australian School District
Canandian School District
Brownie Troop 409, Ohio
Southwestern Massachusetts Art Collaborative, Boston Mass.
Canada's School Net-Community Learning Network generously included
Art Teacher on the Net in their Curriculum Resources Links
The Art Teacher on the Net is the Art Expert on the Virtual Reference
Desk-Homework Expert Site
Lakeview School, Ontario, Cananda
James Allen Elementary, Kentucky
Maude Wilkins Elementary School, New Jersey
San Bernadino School District Instructor
and lots more . . .