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Study Guide Supplement

Be sure to include the following artists or in your study guide outline.  
Washington Allston
Thomas Birch
Jean Antoine Houdon
Thomas Cole
Asher Durand
Frederick Church
Fritz Hugh Lane
Hudson River School
Genre Painting
Thomas Eakins
Winslow Homer
James Whistler
Albert Bierstandt
Thomas Moran
Frederick Remington
American Impressionism
William Harnett
Trompe l'oeil Style
American Realism
Robert Henri 
Ash Can School or The Eight
Alfred Stieglitz
Georgia O'Keeffe
Amory Show of 1913
Edward Hopper
Abstract Expressionism
George Tooker
Robert Rauschenberg
Pop Art
Super Realism
Photo Realism
Contemporary Art (art of the 70s,80s,90s and beyond-
write a brief summary of the direction of art).
In reference to sculpture, decorative arts and architecture-
write a brief summary of each century, include at least l
 specific example for each century.  For the 20th century
 give more examples and show how the direction changed from
 previous periods.
Be sure to include title, artists, dates, attributes of style,
 and general content or subject matter.

Art Ideas

Art Museums: