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Easter Celebrations Around the World

Easter is Celebrated All Around the World
Learn about the symbolism how eggs are decorated
Around the World
Origins of the Easter Egg

Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Ukrainian Egg Art has a long and rich history.  It is a traditional crafts dating back thousand of years.  Patterns are etched with wax, a dye is applied, next another layer of wax pattern is drawn, more dye is applied, and then the wax is removed.  The overall design pattern is revealed and each color is then revealed.  The colors used are symbolic and the Pysanky eggs are given to friend and family during the Easter season.
Symbols and their Meaning
Reference to Picture and Symbols of Pysanky Eggs
Project Idea:  Create Ukrainian Pysanky Egg Gifts
Materials Needed
Hard Boiled Eggs
White Crayon or Clear Wax
Visit the Pysanky website above, and use symbols and decorative ideas to create Pysanky eggs.
First draw onto egg with crayon or wax and dip into premixed colored dye.  Let egg dry.  Draw another pattern onto egg and dip into dye again.  Repeat several times, and then gently remove the wax from the egg.  Give to parents in a hand-made basket created by the children.
Learn about the rich cultural heritage of Wales and their celebrations of Lent, Good Friday, Easter, and other holidays at Britannia

Customs of the Carpatho-Rusyn People
Includes the traditional egg rolling Celebration
Learn about the Easter Customs of Poland, Germany, and Bulgaria on this International Easter Customs Page
How does the White House Celebrate Easter
Make your own Natural Dyes rather than using the commercial kind at this excellent site
Coloring Easter Eggs

Make a Marionette Bunny from a Cereal Box at
Easter Fun

Easter in Australia at Easter Bunny or Easter Bilby

Decorating eggs in Japan
Thai Decorating Eggs
Canadian Folk Eggs
Russian Fabrege Eggs
History and Examples
The Life of Christ in Stain Glass
Antique Easter Post Cards
Traditional Easter Eggs and Paper Cutting
Czech and Latvians
Make a Bunny and Chick Hand Puppet
Pattern included at
Easter Fun

Build an Easter Town
Pattern for the Entire City

Project Idea
Grow a mini garden inside an empty egg shell.  Empty the contents
of the egg.  Fill half way with potting soil, water, and a popcorn seed,
they grow fast.  Use individual egg carton units for pots.  A great
gift for parents.
Project Idea
Fun Science
You will need two glasses (clear), two hardboiled eggs, salt, and a spoon.  Put one egg into the bottom of a glass.  Fill with water.   You will fill the glass with water first, and add salt, slowing place the egg into the water and watch it float.
You will want to practice this experiment before hand to gauge water temperature and the amound of salt.  Be sure to use Easter colored eggs for the Holiday effect.
You will find many other project ideas for Easter at

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